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Life Yoga for Kids!


I am wildly passionate about bringing the power of yoga -and life coaching- to children of all ages! That’s why I offer private and group classes for teens, children, toddlers, and yes, even infants!

Healing, Empowerment, and Growth is NOT Just for Adult!

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Yoga for Teens

Yoga is GREAT for teens. Yoga is a powerful stress reliever, but it is also very empowering. This is especially great for this age group because many struggle with stress, self-worth issues, peer pressure, and more. It is vital to show teens how strong they are at a young age.

yoga for teens

Yoga for Children

Yoga is great for kids as well! It’s wonderful for increasing focus, helping with growing pains, and teaching them empowerment techniques.

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Yoga for Toddlers & Infants

Who doesn’t love a quality mommy and me yoga sessions? Get those wiggly littles on the mat for a fun, lighthearted yoga bonding session! Great for promoting digestion health, better sleep, and mood improvement.

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Family Time Yoga

Want the whole family to enjoy a yoga session together? That is GREAT for bonding. Open up lines of communication, build confidence, manage emotions, and develop healthy habits together.



Hosted Yoga Event

Do you run a school or daycare? Do you want a Girl Scout troop or a birthday party to have a yoga session? Great! I have event and group yoga sessions available. Let’s chat about your needs!

Praise for Life Yoga for Kids!

I’m so blessed to have hosted yoga sessions with some many parents and littles!

“Amazing!!! My kid would NOT stop talking about yoga time with Rochelle!”

Lemmy H.


“I had no idea yoga would be so helpful for my teen! It was the perfect stress reliever!

Amanda M.

Author Rochelle Katzman

Let’s Schedule a Session

Want your young ones to experience the power of yoga? Great! Let’s find a time that works.

Can’t wait to work with you!

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