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I was flying to Ireland from New York to teach my first yoga workshop. This was a huge dream of mine, as it allowed me to become an international yoga instructor. I went to a bookstore before I left and picked up a romance novel to keep me company on my flight. At that time, it had been years since I’d read a book that didn’t have to do with yoga, spirituality, or life coaching in some way.

The flight was noisy, so I was relieved that I had bought the book. I started the book on the flight, but I finished it overlooking the bay in Kenmare, Ireland. It was the perfect setting to the perfect ending. As I finished reading the last page, it felt as if the book had changed me. Opened my eyes. The story stayed with me long after I had finished.

It was an enchanting romance, but that’s not what consumed my thoughts: It was the heroine who blew me away. And in that moment, I knew writing romance novels would be my destiny.

My passion is to not only write beautiful romances but to also empower women to reach their dreams. I would love to help you discover the heroine inside of you.

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Rochelle Katzman spent her childhood penning stories, and at the age of six she won two creative writing awards. When she was 22 years old she received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, (BFA) in musical theatre from Syracuse University. Rochelle is also an international yoga instructor and a life coach. When she’s not traveling the world teaching workshops, she’s at home writing books.  She currently lives in New York, but she dreams of moving to a beautiful land filled with ethereal fairies and magical castles. Rochelle enjoys spending time with her dog Henry when he’s not eating her favorite shoes.

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