Book Summary

Drake Morganthal.  
Billionaire playboy.  
He’ll sleep with you, rip your heart out, and never commit.  
He’ll make you feel as if you’re his woman, then claim you’re only friends.  
Friends, as in call once in a while.  Not friends with the potential of more.  
Drake doesn’t do more.  

He’s the exact type of man Livvie needs to stay away from.

Until fate forces them to meet.

Livvie wins a one-week stay at Morganthal Winery, owned by Drake Morganthal.

Between his delicious wines and his gorgeous body, which she craves like a drug, Livvie has to decide if she’ll spend the week in his vineyard and his bed, or if she’s strong enough to turn away a man as addictive as Drake Morganthal.