Mom and Daughter Yoga Fairy Tales

Rochelle loves teaching mom and daughter yoga and empowering women. She’s taught extensively throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. Look for a mom and daughter yoga workshop near you!

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Mom and daughter yoga is great for moms who want to teach their daughters to live courageously. For moms who want their daughters to know that through a strong and powerful mindset, she can live the life of her dreams. A life where she trusts her own intuition and shapes her destiny accordingly. A life where she lives fearlessly through a place of intelligence.

Yoga helps you create that mindset.

It’s not about how long you can hold your tree pose, or even knowing what a tree pose is! It’s about that special time you get to spend with your daughter, giving her tools to help her believe in herself. Where she’ll know her own self-worth. Where she won’t settle for a mediocre life.

This is the time for women to be warriors of their own lives. Let’s start with your daughters and see what you can learn together.

Mom and Daughter Yoga Fairy Tales, was created for all moms.


Mom and Daughter Yoga Fairy Tales

Mom and daughter yoga is so much fun!

Moms and daughters love doing yoga together. In fact, yoga has become so popular in schools that daughters can’t wait to come home and show their moms what they have learned. Rochelle Katzman has created a fun yoga book designed with moms and daughters in mind.

Mom and Daughter Yoga Fairy Tales, encompasses six magical stories, about a queen and a princess who spend an adventurous week together while the king is visiting another kingdom. While he is gone, the princess and the queen share many exciting activities, including meeting their neighbors in the Kingdom of Sparkle, and discovering fairies.

Each breath-taking page is filled with beautiful images of castles, rainbows, clouds, and fairies. The reader and yogi will feel as if they are acting out the roles of the characters in the story, igniting their imaginations. Throughout each story, there are yoga poses to do. Some poses are shared by the moms and daughters while others are done side by side.

Mom and Daughter Yoga Fairy Tales, has many added benefits including:

  • The perfect book for the beginning yogi to learn yoga.
  • Easy instructions with images of real moms and daughters showing you how to do each pose.
  • A fun way for the experienced yogi to further their practice at home.
  • Moms and daughters can spend quality time together laughing, playing, and sharing a healthy activity.
  • Creative, easy-to-read stories where moms and daughters can take turn reading.
  • A special meditation moms can share with their daughters at the end of each chapter or before school or bedtime.
  • Starting yoga at a young age gives daughters great tools to stay calm, reduce anxiety, find inner peace, and be physically fit.

Throughout this yoga book, moms and daughters will create beautiful memories to last a lifetime. This book is intended for daughters ages 4 – 11, and moms of all ages.