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Rochelle’s Story

I had no idea that reading a romance would change my life. I had no idea that writing them would be my destiny. 

I was flying from New York to Ireland to teach my very first international yoga workshop and was getting more and more excited because Ireland is such a magical place.

The flight was super noisy, so I was relieved that I’d picked up a romance novel a few days earlier, and threw it in my carry on.

I started the book on the flight, but I finished it overlooking the bay in Kenmare, Ireland. It was the perfect setting to the perfect ending. As I finished reading the last page, it felt as if the book had changed me. Opened my eyes. The story stayed with me long after I had finished.

It was a beautiful romance, but that’s not what consumed my thoughts: It was the heroine who blew me away.

I wanted to be the heroine.

I wanted to be fearless like her.
I wanted her strength.
Her courage.
Her tenacity.

Have you ever felt that way after reading a romance?

It wasn’t even about the man she’d ended up with. Although, he was hot, he wasn’t someone I could envision myself with.

The heroine had issues just like you and me. Big issues. Issues that would cause any woman to not want to get out of bed in the morning.

But the woman in the book didn’t just stay in bed. She embraced life and was willing to do whatever it took to create everything she wanted out of it.

Don’t we all want to create the life of our dreams?

I wanted to know how she did it.

I wanted to know the steps she took to not only marry her dream guy, but also to being a success in the career of her choice.

And, as I was in the heroine’s mind, learning how she thinks and how she overcomes her obstacles, I was cheering for her, crying for her, and getting frustrated for her along her journey.

Isn’t that the same as in our own lives?

Here I was, traveling outside of the United States by myself, living my dream. I felt fearless like the heroine. But I wanted to be fearless in every area of my life like she was.

So when I arrived back home, I made it my mission to study as many romance novels as I could, to figure out the steps each different heroine had taken to create the life of their dreams. Then, something just clicked…

I opened my laptop, and started to write about a heroine who had issues, but evolved throughout the story in order to get everything she wanted. I kept writing, hoping that I could help readers create their dream life in spite of their struggles, all while giving them a beautiful romance to set their hearts on fire.

It all started to make sense to me that day, and I want to share those discoveries so you too can live the life you want.

5 Steps To Living Your Life Like A Romance Novel Heroine” is the culmination of what I’ve learned so far as an avid romance reader, author, and life coach and it’s yours for free.

Isn’t it time that you’re the heroine of your own life?

For me, it’s definitely time.

I hope to give you millions of more breathtaking romances, while helping you live like a heroine in your own journey.


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